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>> Provided a new name for company

>> Website Development/Design 

>> Custom App

>> Brand Deck Re-Design

>> Video Creation / Editing

>> Social Media Management/ Content Creation

>> Logo Design/Dev.

>> Business/Brand Dev. Consulting

>> Custom Company Merchandising

>> Company Notion Setup and Management (Org. Software)



When Damon Carr, founder and CEO of Prospectr, formerly Data Lake Shore, he asked us to take his brand to the next level. With the product having a clear proposition value, we knew that we needed to make the brand stand out in the ultra-competitive lead generation market. So, we overhauled the entire brand. New name, presentation deck, logo and symbol, color scheme, website, branded app, business cards, company merchandise, the whole 9 yards. Our vital involvement in the company has led us into being proud board members of this promising start-up company. We hope many more good things to come with this amazing partnership.




2022 - Present

"We have a proven system that removes the burden on business people to generate and find qualified leads. Over time our AI improves the lead quality. 75% of American businesses report that lead quality and generation in one of their top problems. We source our data from the same provider that the credit agencies use. We have over 300 data points such as geography (zip code, area code, FIPS code, etc.) and net worth, behaviors, interests, homes owned and mortgages, children, and many others. We enrich this data from sources like LinkedIn to gain work history, professions, schools attended, and much more.


We’re happy to provide supporting materials like our patent application, more specific details about how our AI works (but an NDA would need to be in place), or any other materials you may need."


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