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Liquid Landscape Ledger

300+ Curated, newly-liquid, high-net-worth individuals every month

A directory of U.S.-based Founders and CEOs who have recently observed a $10M+ exit

This is an excellent way to bypass gatekeepers, get in direct contact with hard-to-reach prospects 

Custom Data Sets

Describe the type of people that make your business tick, and we will create custom data sets of prospects with similar characteristics


Examples of Custom Data Sets:

Family Offices, Tiger 21 Members, YPO Members, Managing Directors of top Investment Banks, Partners of top Hedge Funds, and Partners of top Private Equity Firms  

Prospect Meetings + Advisory Services

First, we optimize your LinkedIn Profile to optimize the % acceptance rate from high-net-worth prospects 

Using AI and automation combined with bespoke data sets, we then work with you to create an efficient, scalable, and repeatable system to convert prospects into meetings on your calendar

We advise you on an as-needed basis

Curated Events & Dinners

Host a private event or dinner with 8 to 15 qualified prospects


One topic (chosen by the client) is discussed the entire night

Strategic Introductions to High-Net-Worth Individuals + Referral Sources

All intros are made via e-intro by our CEO, and Partners

Each intro is to a high-net-worth individual or

high-net-worth referral source


Empowering High Net Worth Leaders

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